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Important Covid Updates

Be alert [like Marvin] to

viral risks.

Care for your pet is an essential service and we remain open. We are innovating to provide and maintain veterinary services under challenging circumstances.

Covid  updates are changing frequently as the variants mutate and the virus goes through it's cycles.  The big risk to humans remain other humans, but pets have a minor roll in transmission and ability to catch the virus.  If Covid is in the house consider your pets to be carriers as well. Keep them away from others until all the people are healthy again. Consider your pets also to be in lock down with you for both your safety. Maintain physical distance for both people and dogs when out walking them. Keep cats in.

Please Plan for your pets in the case you require care.

Please respect these guidelines when coming to our clinic to keep everyone as safe as possible. We cannot provide service if we are sick. 

* Curbside service up may return but entry maybe  allowed with masks. 

* Please do as much over the phone as possible to reduce time at the office.

* Please one person per visit to reduce human exposure.

* If you or someone you know is sick please arrange in advance for our staff to serve you outside.

* Curb service is advised.

* Please wait outside if you see someone in the waiting room.

* Please use sanitizers.

* Get your pet's supplies via the webstore.  Items can be delivered direct to your porch. Pick up at the hospital is still available. 

* Order supplies well in advance as supply chains have been stretched.

* Spend an extra moment with your pet, as it helps a lot with stress.

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